Just recently a website launched to provide links to dozens of free HTML5 games playable on the PS4 web browser, and the same group has now launched an equivalent Wii U website to give you easy access to these games.

Similar resources existed for the Wii, in which pointer controls — for example — were supported. With this Wii U example the games should all support the GamePad, with the button inputs and touch screen typically doing the job; as the tweet shows below, all you need to do to play is visit playboxie.com on the console's web browser.

We've tried a few of the games and there are some key points to highlight. These are primitive games, and in the performance can be underwhelming — single digit framerates are a bother in some cases. High profile examples such as Cut the Rope and Doodle Jump are playable — the former is laggy but does work with the touch screen, while the latter runs far smoother if you zoom out the browser using the Select button.

There are certainly a decent number of games to try if you're looking to pass time, though iffy performance and a lack of sound shouldn't come as a surprise. We are streaming these games via a browser and paying absolutely nothing, however, so there are no complaints from us.

HTML5 is a programming option supported by the Nintendo Web Framework for formal Wii U eShop releases, of course, and that's something we've covered before and will continue to do so. These games aren't utilising the framework, however, so the fact they're running off the browser hampers performance. Yet still, free games.

If you give these a whirl then by all means share your opinions and experiences in the comments below.

[source gonintendo.com]