Weapon Shop De Omasse

In early January a rating suggested that the fourth and final Guild01 download title was on the way to the West, and now Weapon Shop de Omasse has been confirmed for the 3DS eShop in Europe and North America; it arrives on 20th February and will cost $7.99 in North America, with no price yet given for Europe.

This final entry from the original Guild compilation has a rather quirky premise, in that it's set in a traditional RPG world threatened by evil yet your role is not that of a hero, but of a Blacksmith. Your job is to forge the best weapons possible for a series of warriors, with the gameplay mainly revolving around rhythm-based tapping.

Level-5 is also running a sale of all previous Guild download releases to celebrate the new title's arrival; details are below.

Are you intrigued by Weapon Shop de Omasse, and do any of these discounts tempt you to take the plunge?