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Vblank Entertainment's Brian Provinciano has kindly given us some further detail on the issue that he's aiming to fix, as well as the happy news that he plans more free updates in the future.

For clarification, what's happening is that the RESET TO DEFAULTS sets the video mode to 1:1 instead of zoomed 2:1. Sadly, this setting is changed in the save game and there's no way to set it back to the correct video mode. The save data will be fine once the update comes which simply switches it back to the correct video mode. However, as updates must go back through certification, it might be a little bit before it's live. In the meantime, the only solution is to delete the save games then exit the game completely to clear the setting. However, if players have a lot of progress and want to continue playing without losing it, they can always back up their current save game, and delete it on their system, then start a new game. Once the update goes live, they can copy their previous save back over and continue where they left off.

For the curious, players wanting see just how crazy small the sprites are in non-zoomed mode, they can hit the RESET TO DEFAULTS button, but they should back up their save first.

And breaking news: I plan to continue updating the 3DS version even after this first update!

Original Article:

Retro City Rampage DX only hit the 3DS eShop recently in North America — it arrives in Europe on 20th February — but developer Vblank Entertainment is already busy with updates for the title. Some updates will be fun, while another fixes an issue that can damage save data.

To begin with the latter, it seems that selecting "RESET TO DEFAULTS" in the settings can corrupt save data, causing the screen to distort. If the save data does become corrupted through this fault the only solution is to delete all saves and start again; the developer has created an update to fix the issue that will be submitted to Nintendo on Monday, with a rough estimate of a week to go through checks.

In happier news for those that haven't triggered that issue, a free update is in the works to add some features. Confirmed so far is an option to add waypoints to the map, as well as an "animated Dysentruck".

It's a game that'll keep on giving a little more, it seems. You can read our wholehearted recommendation in our Retro City Rampage DX review.