Bravely Default Campaign

Bravely Default arrives on the 3DS this week, on 7th February to be precise, and that release means that Nintendo gamers all around the world will have had a chance to dive into the Square Enix RPG. Nintendo of America has been pushing the message with a variety of videos to promote the game, and the latest is the quirkiest to date.

Clearly with an eye on mixing up its marketing tactics, the latest video shows a scenario of a man walking to his date's house, and contemplating a "Brave" route — through an alleyway — or the "Default" option of the normal street. The short intro video, below, gives links at the end for you to click and view each outcome.

We've seen this kind of promotion before, but let us know what you think. We've also embedded an episode of the "Nintendo Minute" series, which includes an unboxing of the rather lovely Collector's Edition.

Collector's Edition Unboxing

So, are you planning to pick up Bravely Default?