Monolith Soft X Combat

While JRPG fans that adored Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii may have been hoping for a release date for Monolith Soft's latest in Nintendo's most recent Direct broadcast, we had to settle for some real-time in-game footage of the combat system. It was exciting to see, as it was the first time that a sustained period of gameplay had been shown without cinematic flair getting in the way.

Satoru Iwata explained that the combat in Monolith Soft's X is based on that of the popular Wii title, though naturally the development team are seeking to make improvements. As a result there's the team dynamic and real-time move selection, with the quick-time-event boosts and recharge periods for attacks also present and correct. In the two minutes of footage shown the lead character also jumps into a mech to finish off a small creature before engaging into a larger battle; we'd speculate that mechs can only be used for limited periods of time, as the player eventually exits for more hand-to-hand fighting.

For those that enjoyed the intense, real-time battles of Xenoblade Chronicles — which we certainly did — this looks enticing. Nintendo hasn't released this excerpt of the Nintendo Direct separately as yet, so check it out below thanks to DuskBit.

What do you think? Does this raise your hype levels for Monolith Soft's project? Let us know in the comments below.