That fish looks excited

If you like fish and parties, you’ll be in your element with Moving Player’s upcoming Wii U eShop title, Evofish. The game has just been approved by Nintendo and "will shortly be available on the European Nintendo eShop."

If you’re wondering what a game like this could possibly offer, well, quite a lot, actually. Players will be able to conquer the vast ocean, evolve from prey to predator and unlock new fish and “stuff," according to the game brochure.

Adding extra depth to the experience will be a multiplayer mode supporting 2 – 5 players. Here, you'll be able to access three separate modes and choose whether to fight or collaborate to survive. By the looks of it, you’ll also need a sensor bar and those trusty old Wii Remotes.

Once again, Europeans can expect to see Evofish on the Wii U eShop some time soon. Check out the official trailer in the meantime, and let us know in the comments if you’re at all tempted by this fishy offering.