Late last year Best Buy reduced eShop pre-paid cards by 20% in North America, tempting gamers to go the download option by essentially offering a discount across all games on the download stores. Shoppers had the chance to spend, for example, $40 to receive $50 of credit; as a promotion to encourage more to take the download plunge — it was a smart idea.

The offer is now live once again, with Nintendo of America taking the chance to promote the fact that the discounts are around until 1st March.

To break down what that means, below are the discount prices in U.S. dollars.

  • $20 of eShop credit for $16
  • $35 of eShop credit for $28
  • $50 of eShop credit for $40

Are any of you Best Buy regulars tempted by these discounts and the chance to enjoy some eShop downloads for less? Let us know in the comments below.