The dream ticket, or a pocket nightmare?

The news that Nintendo has reduced its hardware sales projections for this financial year and expects to make a loss has come as quite a blow to dedicated followers of the company, and has led some critics to repeat claims that the firm needs to move away from making its own hardware and embrace rival systems.

However, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has insisted that the quick fix of moving famous Nintendo games to smartphones is not as easy as it sounds.

Speaking in a press conference today, he said:

We are thinking about a new business structure. Given the expansion of smart devices, we are naturally studying how smart devices can be used to grow the game-player business. It’s not as simple as enabling Mario to move on a smartphone.

We cannot continue a business without winning. We must take a sceptical approach whether we can still simply make game players, offer them in the same way as in the past for ¥20,000 or ¥30,000, and sell titles for a couple of thousand yen each.

It's clear that Iwata is thinking of new strategies to give Nintendo the kind of profits it is used to, but it remains to be seen what plans he has in place. Let us know your personal predictions by posting a comment below.

Image credit: Cult of Mac