Massive living room space not available for download
Image: Nintendo of America

The Nintendo Wii did a lot for the video game industry. It brought a breath of fresh air by allowing players to play games with motion controls, it had an approachable attitude and it allowed developers an opportunity to get creative with their games. Yes, the Wii was quite a step forward, and one of its messages to players everywhere was “get active”. Nintendo didn't want players to sit silently on the sofa any more, it wanted them up on their feet and – for lack of a better term – exercising, an ambition beautifully illustrated by Wii Fit.

By use of the Balance Board peripheral, players could now take part in fun mini-game-like exercises that were designed to work muscle, stamina and flexibility all from the comfort of the living room, and, with the game’s fun approach to fitness, it was a complete success. Of course, it’s been a few years since the Wii first gave players that incentive to exercise, and some ex-Wii Fit gamers may have shelved their Balance Boards with the lack of motivation. But, on November 1st 2013, Nintendo moved forward with an offer for the next addition to the Wii Fit family – Wii Fit U.

With the launch of this deal, the chance to get active and to exercise was there once more, with brand new games and activities to take part in, as well as having its own pedometer to help you get fit on the go. Yes, there was a lot on offer, and you didn't even need the Fit Meter to take part in the deal — all you needed was the Balance Board. Now, that deal is coming to an end.

The original offer was to run from November 1st 2013 to January 31st 2014, and one glance at your calendar will tell you that (at the time of writing) Jan 31st isn't that far away. Once the deal is up, any player who missed out and wants to get the game will have to shell out for the software, where as those who take part in the deal need only pay for the Fit Meter. So if you've been putting off getting the game, now would be a good time to get on the eShop and take advantage of the offer. So long as you activate the software before 23:59pm on January 31st, you will get 31 days free.