Pokemon Bank

During the festive break the Nintendo Network encountered issues for over two days, with a number of new system owners combining with Christmas Day Pokémon Bank gamers in Japan to cause major problems. The downtime of the eShop platforms in particular was damaging in such a busy period; yet while the online stores have been back in action since 27th December the Pokémon Bank is yet to return in Japan, even though it was rapidly taken offline nearly two weeks ago.

Nintendo's official Twitter account in Japan posted an update to apologise for the continuing absence of the service; well known NeoGaf user Cheesemeister gave his own interpretation of the message.

The Bank's online storage service — and accompanying Poké Transporter — have certainly had extensive downtime since the faulty launch, while the delays to the original 26th December release date in the West are ongoing; we already know that it's not scheduled for Europe in this week's update.

Are you frustrated by these delays with Pokémon Bank?