After a surprising end to 2013, Club Nintendo Australia has kicked off the New Year with a bang, adding Mario's famous hat to the local catalogue.

As the description on the catalogue states:

This is a true-to-life replica of the iconic red hat worn by Mario. Keep it as a collector item, and display it with pride.

The hat is made of polyester and cotton, and costs 3200 star points.

The release of this item on Club Nintendo Australia follows the release of Hanafuda cards for 3000 points, and the well-known Year of Luigi coin for 1250 star points at the end of last year.

Although The Year of Luigi coin sold out straight away, the Hanafuda cards are still currently available. If the pricing of these cards is anything to go by, this means the Mario headgear may be around for some time.

Looking ahead, Australian Club Nintendo members should keep an eye out for the Luigi’s Mansion 2 Diorama, which is expected to arrive in the region in the first half of this year in limited supplies, and will be available for well under the UK pricing of 7000 points.

If you’re an Aussie — or just happen to live in the region — let us know if you plan on picking up Mario’s hat or if you're going to stick it out and wait for the Luigi-themed Diorama.