La Mulana 2

La-Mulana was one of the last high-quality titles to grace the WiiWare service, undergoing delays and various issues before eventually hitting the service worldwide — it was a success-story on PC, notably, becoming the first Japanese game to be 'greenlit' on Steam. There are a number of vocal fans of the title, so they're likely to be rather pleased to hear that a sequel is on the way, albeit only if its new Kickstarter campaign succeeds.

Development team Nigoro has teamed up with Playism Games, a Japanese publisher that will be assisting Nigoro with everything that isn't the core development — it seems to have done an excellent job with the fundraising page. The sequel will star a new protagonist, Lumisa Kosugi, though other characters may be playable, and Nigoro promises that the game won't be confusing — in terms of lore — for those new to the young franchise, but that there will be touches to please experienced fans.

At present the game isn't targeting release until December 2015, with only some snippets of footage included in the pitch. Its initial funding target is $200,000 for a PC version, but handheld and home console versions are included as stretch goals. Pending negotiation with platform holders, the pitch promises "a Vita or possibly a 3DS version" for $1,150,000, while the Wii U is the first system listed in a $1,650,000 tier. If those targets aren't ambitious enough, a Wii version is in a $2,350,000 goal, just behind a remake of the original at $2,400,000.

These are seriously lofty stretch goals, perhaps putting 3DS or Wii U versions in doubt, but check out the pitch video below and let us know what you think. We're pretty sure this game has an evil Pikachu in it...