Jett Rocket 2 Banner

Jett Rocket II: The Wrath of Taikai is the latest 3DS eShop title from Shin'en Multimedia, and was certainly eagerly anticipated by fans of the WiiWare original. Although a solid title, there were some aspects that weren't quite on the money, with our review highlighting issues such as the rather slow movement of the main character.

As reported late last year, the developer has been working on an update to resolve issues with some game freezing errors and on certain aspects of gameplay. That update is now live in North America and Europe, with the company reiterating the improvements in the tweet below.

If the eShop doesn't automatically notify you, the update can be found under the "Available Updates" option in "Settings / Other". We'll check it out and see what changes it makes; let us know what you think of these gameplay tweaks in the comments below.