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Late last year we reported that Wales Interactive is bringing two games to the Wii U eShop; these are Gravity Badgers and Master Reboot. The studio has been prolific in its short existence to date, publishing a number of smartphone titles, but is increasingly moving onto PC and home console platforms.

In an interview to be published later today we learn a lot more about both of these titles, in which the company's Managing Director, David Banner, confirms that neither is far away — Gravity Badgers has a target release window (not yet final) of February, while the equivalent for Master Reboot is March. They'll bring entirely different experiences to the system's eShop, and look promising.

Part of our conversation with Banner focused on broader concerns with the eShop platform, the Wii U hardware and the experience of working with Nintendo. In these areas the message from Wales Interactive is overwhelmingly positive; Banner told us that the Wii U is "deceptively powerful and it’s run everything we've thrown at it so far", while describing the Wii U eShop as potentially "vital for our continued growth as a indie video games developer". As a studio stepping onto Nintendo hardware for the first time, meanwhile, it's received important support from the big N.

I can honestly say that Nintendo have been brilliant all across the board for us. Since we approached them to potentially make games for the Wii U they have been very supportive and really open to working with indie companies. Once we’d identified the titles they were interested in they helped us with the registration process and getting development kits. Their submission system is very well documented and there is always someone on hand, just an email away, to answer your questions and troubleshoot problems. The whole experience has been very positive for us and it definitely encourages us to want to make more games for the Wii U.

The company is planning more games for the Wii U, too, with Banner indicating that the team hopes to bring two additional upcoming projects to the Wii U later this year — a "3D Sci-fi game called Infinity Runner" and a Master Reboot sequel.

Check back later today for the full interview, in which we learn much more about the games and Wales Interactive's experiences porting both Unity and Unreal3 titles to the Wii U.