BBCi Player

While the Wii U has some useful apps for TV viewing, including examples such as Netflix, it's still short of some key features. Those with TVii in North America can lord it over those missing out in Europe, for example, while another absentee to date is BBC iPlayer, which did feature on the Wii. Thankfully it is still apparently on the agenda, as stated by the corporation's senior product manager Peter Lasko.

He actually confirmed that iPlayer is still on the cards for the Wii U while answering questions in a blog post relating to its arrival on the PS4. The reply was posted on 5th December but spotted over at Nintendo Insider.

We follow a clear process so that we can get iPlayer onto devices in a scalable and maintainable way. We worked with Sony in this way for the PlayStation 4. We are working to bring BBC iPlayer to both Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U in the future, but we have no further details to share at this time. We have no immediate plans to bring BBC iPlayer to Apple TV or the PS Vita.

Naturally there's no timescale provided, which could mean its arrival is anything from the near future to interminably delayed — it's already been over a year — but it's still a recent acknowledgement that the system is in the company's plans.

Did you use the Wii BBC iPlayer app much, or perhaps the equivalent on other consoles?

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