Propeller Block Super Mario 3 D Land

As technology advances, those slightly silly sci-fi ideas we see in video games start to creep into real life. Following an announcement today it looks like, within a couple of years, you will have a little drone aircraft fly your Amazon deliveries to your house. It's awesome and slightly scary at the same time.

The first target for rolling out the system is the US in 2015, with the retail giant capitalising on a planned relaxation of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)'s rules, allowing new unmanned craft the right to take up airspace. The trial will naturally have limitations initially, with relatively small packages to suburban areas the initial testing ground — the claim is that some deliveries will arrive within 30 minutes of an order bring placed. Amazon wants the presence of the drones to be "as normal as seeing mail trucks on the road today".

If you have a large garden and like staring out of windows waiting for deliveries, this could be the service for you — though we assume some sort of email / social network / SMS text will tell you when the package arrives. We do agree with others that this could prompt a lucrative new criminal market in thievery, as naughty people look out for Amazon drones and grab them before owners have a chance to retrieve them from outside the house.

While not Nintendo news, the thought of ordering some kind of Propeller Mario or Propeller Block plush toy to be delivered by a drone is too fun to ignore. If you don't believe this is real, meanwhile, check out the video below.