With much noise around the Wii U currently focused on Super Mario 3D World, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is coming in early 2014, given a release period of February for North America. Considering it's the follow up to the outstanding Donkey Kong Country Returns and the work of Retro Studios, we should probably be full of anticipation.

As well as swish changes in camera angles and the ability to uproot and pull levers, this entry is also introducing new characters to the co-op fun that'll shake up abilities. Already confirmed is Dixie Kong, who can give a burst of elevation with her ponytail, yet Nintendo has kept the identity of a confirmed fourth playable character a mystery. It seems that Amazon, in this case Italian version amazon.it, has potentially leaked that playable character. The box art below features Cranky Kong, the miserly old ape that made his return in the Wii title as the purveyor of useful items, and could indeed be that fourth character. He appears in the supposed updated cover whereas, in the previously released box art that's also shown below, that was an empty space.

We've slapped the Rumour tag on this as Amazon and retailers in general aren't always correct, but it seems likely that Cranky would be playable after his role in the last game. Would you be happy with this, and how do you think he would play as a character? Sound off in the comments below.

The rumoured new box art, featuring Cranky Kong
The previously issued box art

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