Puzzle and Dragons Z

As we reported yesterday, GungHo's smartphone RPG port Puzzle & Dragons Z has sold more than half a million units in its first week on sale in Japan.

That's impressive in anyone's book, but we're now hearing reports that the figure accounts for 78% of the initial shipment — which means that more stock is on the way. With this in mind, GungHo CEO Kazuki Morishita's goal of shifting one million copies doesn't seem so outlandish — the title will most likely smash that figure.

Based on the iPhone and Android title — which as of October 2013 has been downloaded around 20 million times in Japan and over a million times in North America — Puzzle & Dragons Z is an all-new adventure for the 3DS which boasts expanded RPG elements. The game is due for release in the west some time next year.

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