This is dragon on a bit

GungHo's Puzzle & Dragons mobile game is the kind of success story that many development studios can only dream of. It's been downloaded over 18 million times in Japan alone, and generates almost $4 million of revenue every single day.

The company is currently preparing a 3DS version by the name of Puzzle & Dragons Z, which is due for launch in Japan on December 12th. Smartphone-size sales are obviously out of the question, but GungHo CEO Kazuki Morishita is predicting that the game will shift one million copies. He stated that the game will be aimed at the many Japanese children who don't currently have access to a smartphone.

The 3DS version isn't a direct port of the mobile version — it will boast additional monsters to fight and deeper RPG mechanics.

GungHo has confirmed that Puzzle & Dragons Z will be getting a western release, but hasn't revealed any specifics as yet.