Y u no by r game?

Genius Sonority president Manabu Yamana has been speaking to Nintendo Everything about the critically-acclaimed Denpa Men series, and has revealed that the games haven't sold as well in the west as was previously expected — forcing a rethink for the entire franchise:

Both “The Denpa Men: They came by Wave” and “The Denpa Men: Beyond the Waves” were rated very highly. I feel relieved to know that they were welcomed by the gaming community.

The number of downloads in North America and Europe combined did not exceed the number of downloads in Japan. Considering this, I am reconsidering both the format of gameplay and the appearance of the characters.

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Despite this, Yamana explains that his company is still keen on releasing The Denpa Men 3 in the west. He also stated that Genius Sonority is interested in working on Nintendo's current home console, but cost is an issue:

Yes, to this day, we are still interested in working with the Wii U and our budding ideas have been growing. However, the cost of developing a game for the Wii U is much higher than the cost of developing a game for the 3DS. This is a problem for us and is thus preventing us from developing a game for the Wii U.

We'd love to see what this talented team can do on the Wii U, but it's a real shame that the two Denpa Men titles launched in the west so far have failed to capture the same commercial success as they did in their native Japan.

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