Pop and load

The Australian Classification Board has revealed that Konami's Pop'n Twinbee is coming to the Virtual Console. The vertically-scrolling shooter is the sequel to the original Twinbee, and takes place in a cartoon-like world where you pilot a ship with arms.

However, before you get too excited about the prospect of playing the amazing SNES version, it's worth noting that a port was also released on the monochrome Game Boy, which — in its Japanese form, at least — pre-dates the SNES version by three years.

Launched in Japan in 1990 under the title It's Twinbee!!, the game saw release in Europe in 1994 — shortly after Pop'n Twinbee hit Nintendo's 16-bit home console.


The rating doesn't indicate which version of the game this is, so at the moment we could be looking at a 3DS eShop or Wii U eShop release. The fact that the Game Boy edition is already available in Japan suggests that is the more likely option, but who knows?

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