Zelda Albw Posters Big 1

Late last week we pointed you towards some rather attractive Link Between Worlds posters available on Club Nintendo in North America; they may have come at a pricey 500 coins, but looked worth the investment. Sadly, as has been pointed out in that article's comments, they're already sold out.

The set was naturally sought after by Club Nintendo aficionados, though it seems a pity that stock was so low that they disappeared over the course of the first weekend. It's telling that greetings cards and remote holders are happily always available, while rewards such as these posters, coloured 3DS XL chargers and Hanafuda cards disappear almost as quickly as they arrive.

Hopefully Nintendo of America — and other regions — will boost stock in the future and cater for more eager Club members. Were you lucky enough to grab a set of these Zelda posters?

[source club.nintendo.com]