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SteamWorld Dig is a 3DS eShop title that's undoubtedly caused a stir among Nintendo Download gamers, while also receiving bounteous praise throughout its reviews. The work of Image & Form, it's been a title that's retained solid momentum after launch due to positive word of mouth, while Nintendo gave it star-billing in the Indie section at the recent Eurogamer Expo in London.

As we've seen in the past, a success on the 3DS can open new doors, and Image & Form has confirmed to that the title will be coming to the Steam platform on PC in early December. CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson explained that work on the PC version has put the SteamWorld series sequel on hold for around two months, but reiterated that it will come to the 3DS, before later tweeting that it'll arrive "day one" on the portable.

We will definitely release the next SteamWorld game for the 3DS, if they’ll have us. It would be strange to leave the 3DS community; they’ve embraced SteamWorld Dig and carried us, and we owe them a lot. And the people at Nintendo have treated us like royalty.

Will we be able to release a PC version at the same time? As with everything else, I believe it’ll be a matter of resources. If we can manage releasing on multiple platforms simultaneously, then we’ll probably do it unless we find reasons not to. We use our own C++ tech, which means that we can’t simply press a button and have multiple versions ready in a day, which adds time to the process. At the same time, we’re not restricted by the limitations of a development environment. We’re still small, and even if we would manage the development end of it, we would have to coordinate a lot of PR and marketing in different channels. We want to give full attention to all of our players, and we only have one Twitter account!

Finally, let me comment briefly on the murmurs you’ve heard about a sequel. A few days after SteamWorld Dig was released, we were so relieved by the overwhelming reactions that we deemed it safe to start developing the next SteamWorld game – we had a number of good ideas lying around. And a month into that, we suddenly got word that SteamWorld Dig was more than welcome on Steam. We immediately and frantically began to build the PC version of SteamWorld Dig, so the new game has been on hold for about two months now. But before it was put on hold, my brilliant co-workers at Image & Form managed to produce a fantastic vertical slice of the next SteamWorld game. I played it, and I jumped with joy. However, please note that the next game in the SteamWorld series will NOT be a direct sequel to SteamWorld Dig – it will not be a SWD2, we’ll save that one for a while. The gameplay of the next game will be similar… and, at the same time, quite different. Let the murmurs continue.

We've also seen titles such as Mutant Mudds make the transition to PC. Are you tempted to pick SteamWorld Dig up a second time, and are you excited about the potential for the next game in the series?