This Dino Planet statue used to stand in Rare's reception!

If you're familiar with Nintendo's history then you'll know that Star Fox Adventures on the GameCube actually began life as Dinosaur Planet on the N64. Created by UK studio Rare — then a first-party Nintendo developer — the game had progressed quite far before Shigeru Miyamoto decided that it would make a better vehicle for Fox McCloud.

Speaking to Retro Gamer magazine, former Rare staffer Phil Tossell explains that the game was originally supposed to mix racing action — similar to that seen in Diddy Kong Racing — with platform adventuring:

It was supposed to be a hybrid of Diddy Kong Racing and an adventure game. Every level would have some kind of track in it and a race as part of the story. It took a while to settle down...

Tossell admits that the change wasn't a hard one to make, given the stature of the Star Fox series:

It seemed like a no-brainer. They’re offering this great character from this great franchise! I was attached to Dinosaur Planet but I love the original Star Fox. Our only concerns were how we could fit it into this game we have.

Tossell talks about his entire career in the feature, which is well worth reading. These days he's part of indie studio Nyamyam, which is currently hard at work developing the gorgeous Tengami for the Wii U eShop. Be sure to check out our own interview with Tossell about the making of Star Fox Adventures, too.