What if the concepts behind The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker were merged with a visual style that hints at The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, with a camera angle somewhere between the two perspectives? We bet you'd get something like Oceanhorn, which is starting to roll-out on iOS around the world.

The work of FDG Entertainment, this is a game that's been in development for a good amount of time. With its arrival there are a series of screens and videos appearing, and it's caused some debate in the Nintendo Life office — some of us feel it's heavily inspired by Zelda, while a viewpoint that it's a clone has also been shared.

There are a lot of similarities — an initial quest tasks you with collecting important objects in three dungeons, there are "skulltula" style collectibles, chests containing items, grass to cut, pots to throw and more. The sailing aspect is obviously largely similar to The Wind Waker, while bottles washed up on shore bring to mind the Miiverse feature in the Wii U title, albeit these seem to be fixed parts for the story. We're just touching on it, but check out the let's play by, and consider how many times they say "Zelda".

Below are a host of images, some that could almost be a Wind Waker sequel on iOS and others that are perhaps representative of the blend we mentioned at the start of this article.


This game is causing some hype for iOS gamers, especially as those that have worked on the music include Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito, Mana and Saga series composer.

Where do you stand with this game? Is it simply inspired by Zelda but still doing enough of its own, or is it a borderline clone that's a little too similar? Sound off in the comments below.