The Thanksgiving / Black Friday shopping weekend is upon us; the latter is a term becoming increasingly familiar to consumers outside of North America, while it's a big deal in the U.S. in particular. It kicks off the most valuable shopping period of the year, in which Nintendo is hoping to boost profits on 3DS and Wii U sales; selling the latter is particularly vital, especially with new competition from Microsoft and Sony.

Nintendo has been upping its advertising output in recent weeks and is lining up some official Thanksgiving deals, yet the campaign perhaps still needed a certain pizazz that can only be delivered through one medium — the infographic.

We jest — sort of — though these can be useful for spreading the word, especially if they get spread around the web or find themselves on posters. With that undoubtedly in mind Nintendo of America has produced a festive-themed example to advocate the Wii U's charms and explain why it's the "Best Choice This Holiday Season". Perhaps suitable for the target audience is the emphasis on TVii and the GamePad as a TV remote — TVii still isn't available in Europe, sadly — countering the strong focus on similar services for the Xbox One. Backward compatibility also has its own text box, a feature missing on the One and PS4 at launch.

Check it out below — are you happy with this pitch?

Holiday Grfc High Res FINAL