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Let's be honest - when looking for festive gifts this year, an elaborate piece of stained glass artwork to hang in your cathedral / average-sized home might not be the first thing that springs to mind. However, the gallery of Rick Daniels' work showcased on his Etsy site may be just enough to tempt you.

A self-taught artist of over two years, Rick has plenty of Nintendo goodness on offer at a range of prices. There are pieces inspired by the Mario, Zelda, Pokémon and Metroid series, including a gigantic panel of Varia Suit-Samus for a small fortune.

While his unique works fetch an understandably higher price, there's also plenty there for those of us on a budget. Larger prints are available in poster form if the artwork is what really appeals to you, and you can also pick up less elaborate pieces like a Triforce night light or a gorgeously golden power-up mushroom for under £50.

Our favourites are the stained glass Zelda hearts, available as sun-catchers or display pieces. 10% of the sale price even goes towards the Child's Play charity, so you can feel good while decorating your very own dungeon.

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So if you're looking to impress with a very unique gift this year, or simply feel like maybe you DO have the room for that glass panel of Majora's Mask, check out the store here. We've also just posted our Holiday gift guide, which includes a picture of a Bowser plush toy as a particular highlight.

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