Escape seems improbable, and yet...

It's time for the WGAYPTW feature to stop goofing off and join the real world, as it prepares to leave the teen existence for a life or work and drudgery. Or it'll carry on in such a grey, oppressive world as a beacon of frivolous gaming, where weekends are lost in our favourite pursuit. Yeah, let's go for the latter option.

So here we go again, lovely Nintendo Life readers, as members of the team reveal their weekend gaming plans or, in some cases, fear the almighty powers that be and go all James Bond / CIA on this business.

Jon Wahlgren

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut (Wii U) — I'll be working through the review of this one so there'll be a lot of not asking for things and being as stealthy as an ox. I had some dental work done this week so I feel that I identify with this future dystopia filled with body augmentations on a deeply personal level.

Rory Cocker

Well, I was planning on getting stuck in to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD or maybe even Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut this weekend. Unfortunately, my Wii U recently went kaput, so I'm having to resort to the other consoles. I know, I know - blasphemy! What that means is lots of FIFA 14. Lots and lots of FIFA 14. Up the North End (that's Preston North End, for those that are confused - ed)!

Martin Watts

This weekend will most likely involve a spot of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. After neglecting my health and social life to it earlier this year, I caught the bug again last week, and now my housemate and I are frantically back in the hunt! I'm away from home for some of the weekend, but that doesn't matter as I've got both the Wii U and 3DS versions, and I'll therefore be making good use of save transfer program. And yes, I'm one of those sad people that gets a kick out of organising my items box.

Orla Madden

This weekend will be a busy one, with various events happening in my town thanks to Halloween nearing closer and a Bank Holiday on Monday. If I get a chance, I'm hoping to batter the 4th Gym Leader in Pokémon Y and claim ownership of another badge. My team is shaping up nicely, so you can expect to see me looking for online battles pretty soon.

Morgan Sleeper

It's amazing what we can learn about ourselves by looking at our gaming habits; apparently, I really need to get myself a garden. I just recently achieved Master Gardener status on Flower Town/StreetPass Garden, and now I'm itching to dive back in this weekend and grow as many of the awesome rare breeds as I can. After that, my 3DS time will be evenly split between watering plants in the absolutely incredible Rune Factory 4, watering plants in the equally fantastic Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and training my nearly all-Grass team in Pokémon X. That's plenty of games for a weekend (or a week!), but I'm also considering jumping into my very first Phoenix Wright game with Dual Destinies — if any Ace Attorneys want to make a case for it, go ahead and convince me! Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some planting to do...

Gaz Plant

This weekend I'm travelling, so my 3DS will be getting a much needed workout. First on the agenda is to buy a new SD card - I'm still running on my launch day 2GB card, and apparently no matter how many times I yell OBJECTION at the eShop, it just can't cram Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies into 100 blocks of space. Once that's sorted, I'll be playing Ace Attorney. I fell in love with the demo, and I can't wait to get involved in a series I've been curious about for so long.

I've also pre-ordered (for better or worse) the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for 3DS and... well let's just say I don't have high hopes for this one...

Stephen Kelly

Well, I'm rather torn. I just bought a brand new TV that is currently melting my eyeballs with its plasma glory, and I just know that my copy of The Wind Waker HD is pining to find a home on its screen-- but my weekend will be so chaotic that I'll hardly have time to sit down and play it. Torturous, really. The good news is that I'm still going strong in Pokemon X, which is hands down one of my favourite games this year, so perhaps I'll just pop in to see how my Ditto is doing whenever I have the chance. Either that or make more Trainer PR videos. Yeah, probably that.

Tim Latshaw

So I'm lagging behind my friends in Pokémon X. I probably spend too much time petting my Pangoro, who glances away like he's embarrassed but I can tell by the hearts he totally digs the attention so I'm never gonna st--er, ahem. Anyway, one of my friends is at a conference all week and said, "Hey, you'll be able to catch up while I'm out!" I told him yeah, I totally would! But I was hearing something else in my mind: "Objection!"

I'm absolutely not catching up in Pokémon X this weekend.

Ken Barnes

This weekend, I'll still be trying to push my Williams around to finish higher than 15th place in any race ever in F1 2013 (Xbox 360), as well as finally getting started on Pokémon Y. I'm hoping that the fact that I haven't played a Pokémon game since the original Red and Blue on the Game Boy won't be an issue. Also, I picked up Mario Tennis Open for the 3DS for an absolute song in the middle of the week, so I'll be seeing what sort of delights that can serve up. On top of that, I'll be busting out Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 for the Wii U, as part of a health kick that will last until approximately November 22nd.

Anthony Dickens

I will be playing EMBARGOED.

Tom Whitehead

I shall also be playing EMBARGOED, as well as EMBARGOED, which is a joke that's getting REDACTED and a ham mustard sandwich. When not REDACTED I plan to play some retro games with fellow NLifers while possibly consuming a few cheeky beverages. And then I'll need a lie down.

So there you have some of our weekend plans, so please (pretty please?) share yours in the comments below.