Sounds fishy

Natsume has revealed that it will be localising Agatsuma’s Farewell Umihara Kawase for North American release under the new title Yumi's Odd Odyssey.

A sequel to the much-loved Super Famicom game Umihara Kawase, this 3DS outing introduces extra characters like time-bender Noko, a young version of Yumi called Yumi-chan and Emiko, who has the power to create checkpoints in each level.

Speaking to Siliconera, Natsume President and CEO Hiro Maekawa said:

We have been interested in releasing this unique title for awhile now. We are working very closely with Agatsuma Entertainment to bring this game to our fans, who we know appreciate games that are a little different, and also have lovable characters.

The game is expected to see release early next year.