Mighty No. 9, the project from Keiji Inafune's Comcept studio that, in the eyes of many fans, is a true follow-up to the iconic Mega Man franchise, has been a crowdfunding phenomenon. Despite having a target release of April 2015 gamers have been quick to rush and show support.

Having previously hit its Wii U stretch goal with relative ease, a bold target of $3.5 million was set for 3DS / Vita versions, which meant around $900,000 was needed in just four days. Amazingly, at the time of writing the project has passed $3.6 million with a few hours remaining, with its late surge bringing it comfortably past the handheld's target; as revealed previously, Abstraction Games will work on the portable version of the title.

It's certainly exciting news for those that look forward to playing this one while on the go. Which version are you most interested in eventually picking up, Wii U or 3DS?

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