Is Sonic Lost World’s Deadly Six Edition not quite enough incentive for you to plunk down for a pre-order, or are you just always on the lookout for more stuff? Depending on where you go, you can get some extra in-game goodies on top of the extra NiGHTS-inspired play.

For UK consumers, ShopTo is offering codes for a gold-plated Omochao RC Gadget, which can be used in co-op play to help Sonic gather rings, and five Black Bomb Colour Powers. US GameStop customers can also receive an Omochao RC Gadget, but this one is decked out in a somewhat creepier Sonic getup.

If you go through, you can receive a code for… 25 extra lives. Don’t spend them all in one stage? And if you pre-order through EBGames in Canada, you can get the Sonic-cosplaying Omochao plus the extra lives.

Do any of these add-ons push you closer toward pre-ordering Sonic Lost World, or shuffle your existing pre-order to a new store? Let us know.

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