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The 3DS XL seems to have been a success since its launch, and is certainly the model of choice for various members of the Nintendo Life team. It's come in a variety of designs, though has lacked what was once a much appreciated accessory of the original model — the charging cradle.

Though little more than a plastic shell with some connectors, it was a natural habit to leave the cradle plugged in an dock the 3DS when not in use. After what's seemed like an eternity, Nintendo of America is now bringing out a range of coloured charging cradles for the 3DS XL. They're not hitting retail as yet, however, but rather arriving on Club Nintendo on 31st October in limited quantities; they'll set members back 500 coins.

As is often the case when anything enticing and potentially rare appears on the service, expect the site to be busy on Halloween. Nothing similar has yet been announced for Europe, but we will provide an update if it is.

So, will you be spending your hard-earned coins on one of these?


Thanks to WhiteKnuckle for the tip.