The Wii U is increasingly becoming home to some excellent games, with more on the way, but it does have other tricks up its sleeve. Miiverse is the most commonly used, perhaps, while thoroughly decent web browser and video chat functionality shouldn't be overlooked. If you're in North America there's also TVii, the app that provides an alternative software platform through which to easily view and access the TV services that you have available.

Nintendo has now introduced a new 'Doodle' TV Tag feature — with origins perhaps in similar functionality from Wii U Chat — which will let you choose these tagged moments, scribble on the screen using the GamePad and then post with a message. It's already possible for people using TVii to post messages to Miiverse, Facebook and Twitter, and we fear some iffy illustrated screens may now join text comments.

Wii U owners in Europe are still waiting for TVii, with Nintendo not issuing a meaningful update — namely a release date — since the system launched. If you're in North America let us know whether you use TVii, and whether you plan to experiment with this feature.