1000 Marios

For those that have played Super Meat Boy, which unfortunately never made it to a Nintendo system, a highlight can be the replay that follows every completed level — all of your attempts are shown at once. If you can imagine that with a Super Mario Bros. level, but with 974 players on display, then you can imagine what's coming.

Put together during Gamescom in August and posted earlier this month, this technically involves an unofficial version of the iconic NES platformer, but it looks so terrific that we can't help but post it. Players tackled the 'Time Trial' level separately before the footage of all runs was eventually stitched together.

Perhaps not an 'official' Mario game, but we'll live with that to enjoy what is a good example of the fun that can be had at expos, especially as gamers celebrate one of the industry's most treasured retro titles.

[source laughingsquid.com, via stabyourself.net]