The gang is all here

We reported last week on a Kickstarter campaign for an officially licensed sequel to the NES classic River City Ransom (known as Street Gangs in Europe). When the campaign went live there was no word on which consoles it would be released on, should it find the required funding — in fact, the developers stated that a Windows-based edition of the game was their primary focus.

However, Conatus Creative founder Daniel Crenna has spoken to Nintendo Everything and revealed that the team wants to bring the series "home" to Nintendo formats:

Our original game plan was: focus on funding on Windows, forget about stretch goals until we’re there, then talk about more platforms. But, all good plans…

We decided PS4 based on information we had at the time and what’s possible for us technically, but we want people to know that we want this on every platform, especially consoles like WiiU and handhelds like 3DS. So, whether we do it in a stretch goal (and we may not reach our first based on our current trajectory) or we do it funded by sales of our Windows release, the platform story doesn’t end with this Kickstarter.

As long as we ship a great game, and have strong numbers and a good relationship with our licensor, then we will have all the incentive we need to keep working on this game on as many platforms as possible, including River City Ransom’s original home on Nintendo.

Conatus Creative is seeking 160,000 Canadian dollars to produce the sequel, and has secured 73,000 dollars of that total at the time of writing. The campaign has another 22 days remaining. The PS4 / Vita stretch goal — which was added shortly after the campaign went live — is 280,000 dollars, so a Wii U or 3DS stretch goal would presumably be beyond that figure.

Will you be pledging your support now you know that the 3DS and Wii U are possible platforms?