During this morning's Monster Hunter 4 themed Japanese Nintendo Direct, Capcom revealed that the upcoming 3DS title will allow players to obtain costumes from Nintendo's biggest franchises through specific DLC quests.

One quest enables you to dress up your Felyne in the famous Mario and Luigi outfits, equipping you with hammers to smash and bash your way through the task at hand. Players will be able to acquire the iconic costumes at 7-11 stores throughout Japan, but it's said they'll later be available online.

Further on in the broadcast, we see that the main character is fully dressed in Link's renowned green tunic, boasting the Master Sword and Hylian Shield. Those who prefer to attack from a distance have the option to use Link's bow and arrow. Details will be announced at a later date as to when The Legend of Zelda equipment will be made available.

Monster Hunter 4 will launch in Japan on 15th September. You can watch the full presentation below, which demonstrates plenty of gameplay including online hunting, which has the usual lobby and text chat options included.

[source siliconera.com, via joystiq.com]