We've compared Miiverse to Twitter — as well as other social networks — a few times in the past, but a subtle update seems to have expanded the bespoke network to something even closer to the ever-present tweeting medium. You can now post comments on anything you want, within the Miiverse rules, on your Activity Feed without tying it to a game community.

This will certainly place far greater emphasis on general socialising on the network, and makes use of the "follow" option. Even if someone's friend list is full, it's possible to follow them so that their posts appear on your Activity Feed, and this new feature taps into that in its most notable sense. Nintendo's made clear statements to shareholders and in its financial reports that Miiverse is a major part of brand awareness strategy, and this is the latest step to open it up to greater use — recent updates have brought us the browser-based version (https://miiverse.nintendo.net/), lengthened message character limits and added share buttons for the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

Images of a sample post are below.

Miiverse Twitter1
Miiverse Twitter2

This Activity Feed posting update could be good for exchanging jokes or messages more directly with friends and followers, though it's fair to question whether it'll be utilised a great deal with other networking behemoths available. As we've argued before, however, the power of Miiverse is the knowledge that all participants are Nintendo gamers, giving the community its own vibe — we'd also expect this usage to expand once the 3DS userbase gets in on the action, which should happen "soon".

What do you think of this? Is it a feature you plan to use regularly?