Miiverse Faces

Launched on the Wii U, Miiverse has slowly and surely come a long way. Regular updates since launch have allowed longer messages to be posted, the sharing of posts to external networks such as Twitter and Facebook, and perhaps most importantly the launch of a web version — https://miiverse.nintendo.net — which has gradually incorporated all of the features of the bespoke Wii U app. Those two services combined have helped to bring Wii U gamers together in communities for dozens of games and services, and is clearly a major part of Nintendo's strategy for growing the platform.

Nintendo's previously confirmed that Miiverse will come to the 3DS — presumably along with the Nintendo Network ID system — while the arrival of the browser site has allowed smartphone access. Speaking at an eShop presentation at The Indie Games Collective event at the UKIE HQ in London today, Nintendo of Europe's Business Development Manager, Ed Valiente, has reportedly stated that Miiverse is coming "soon" to the portable, while Miiverse apps will be released in the future for smartphones, as opposed to simply relying on the browser service. Attendees at the workshop from the indie development community have been tweeting live from the presentation, so we'll have to excuse the occasional typo.

These comments — Nintendo has actually stated that Miiverse will arrive on the 3DS during 2013 — they bode well for the potential expansion of the service. If Miiverse becomes cross compatible on multiple devices and available to all 3DS owners, as well as those with Nintendo Network IDs on the Wii U, then its expansion could be fairly dramatic.

How keen are you to see Miiverse on the 3DS and, potentially, in specific smartphone / tablet apps?