Devil Survivor 2 Banner

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 has had a rather odd route to release in Europe. Ghostlight picked up publishing duties for the DS title in Europe, but not before a 3DS port was confirmed for Japan. With time and effort invested in the DS original, Ghostlight has nevertheless persevered.

Its path to the market has been difficult, however, as its release as a physical copy brought financial pressures in manufacturing the cartridges. A minimum of 1800 pre-orders were needed for the costs to be covered and the release to go ahead, with two bundles available — for £24.99/€29.99 the DS game could be ordered with a poster, a special alternative cover with a gold logo and the chance to have your name in the manual, or for £49.98/€59.98 there was a double pack that also included a discount copy of Devil Survivor Overclocked. Ghostlight has now confirmed that it's hit its target — though it seemed to have been a close-run campaign.

The publisher will be setting up manufacturing and providing an update on a release date soon. Pre-orders are still open for both options and are now guaranteed to be fulfilled, though the opportunity to have your name printed in the manual is gone. Check out Ghostlight's website if you want to take the plunge, and the EU launch trailer is below.