Although his one-man studio has only released one game on Nintendo systems, its quality is such that the name Bertil Hörberg is fairly well-known among Nintendo download enthusiasts. Gunman Clive is not only an excellent game at a fantastic budget-price on the 3DS eShop, but its also held up as a notable success story for the platform, with its exposure and positive word-of-mouth helping the portable's version to outsell both its Android and iOS equivalents.

The good news is that Hörberg is working on a new title, with a top-down perspective, for the 3DS, and he very recently acquired a Wii U development kit. He's now taken to Twitter to show a result of his early dabbling with the system, posting the following update.

It's been made clear that it's far from confirmed that Gunman Clive will be coming to the Wii U eShop, with Hörberg stating that he's simply porting his technology and testing out the hardware. As a potential budget title with a strong reputation, however, there have certainly been worse ideas.

Would you like this experiment to turn into a full port to join the other 3DS eShop re-releases — such as Mutant Mudds and Mighty Switch Force! — on the Wii U eShop? Let us know in the comments below.