Stay on target...

Two DSiWare releases that we rather enjoyed were AiRace and AiRace Tunnel, and with that in mind we're certainly pleased to hear about AiRace Speed from QubicGames.

Due on the 3DS eShop "late summer", which could mean in the next few weeks, this high-speed flying game will cost $4.99 in North America and €4.99 / £4.49 in Europe. The basic idea is to fly powerful jets through 18 tracks full of obstacles and secret exits; there'll also be online leaderboards and achievements to take on. The developer is emphasizing smooth controls and tricky challenges in its sales pitch, while we simply hope it takes the good work of its predecessors and makes further progress for the franchise.

We'll be keeping out eyes peeled for this one. Check out the rather flashy cinematic trailer below and let us know if it's on your wishlist.