Yakuza HD

Earlier this year, as part of a 'SEGA Direct' segment broadcast in Japan, Satoru Iwata and Toshihiro Nagoshi introduced Yakuza 1 & 2 HD, a bundled re-release of the two PlayStation 2 games. A potential problem for this title was that it was already released in the region on PS3 in November 2012, with the very real possibility that most fans already owned it on Sony's system.

Whatever the issues, its clear that the title's Wii U release has flopped in its debut week. It failed to appear in this week's Japanese software top 20, and reports from Japanese website Dengeki show it missing the top 50, which means it shipped less than 2000 copies.

Back in May Toshihiro Nagoshi stated that the release was an "experiment", saying the following:

We're not aiming to see if the game will be a smash hit. Our real intention is that we want to see how people respond.

Even against such modest expectations, this is surely a major disappointment, and perhaps reflects the perils of year-old ports being released on Nintendo's system.

[source dengekionline.com, via nintendoeverything.com]