Take that Joe!

A little while ago we brought you some retro news of huge importance that shook the foundations of the NES — Mike Tyson was rubbish at Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!. Here's what he told a charming paparazzi journo that was following him around.

"I couldn't even beat Glass f****** Joe. I couldn't beat Glass Joe, you know what I mean, I couldn't even play the game.

Naturally it made us wonder how these epic contests played out, and we now have the chance to see courtesy of FOX Sports. While the channel rather bizarrely states that "Mike Tyson plays Mike Tyson's Punch-Out for the 1st time", despite him saying the exact opposite not long ago, we can nevertheless assume that he's a tad rusty.

Initially "Iron Mike" hasn't figured out what he's playing, but just over 30 seconds-in he says "oh this guy's Joe right? Come on, come on". He becomes more focused, the lip curls and the familiar boxer's snarl briefly re-appears; he's battling an old foe that made him eat canvas back in the day. It's personal, right to the point where he starts smack-talking Joe — not a fight going to points.

And FOX Sports doesn't even show the result, so we don't know whether the former Heavyweight Champion got his revenge. But still, check it out below.

[source kotaku.com]