Nighty night

KnapNok's Spin the Bottle hits the Wii U eShop this week, and the company's Creative Director Lau Krosgaard has been speaking to Nintendo World Report about upcoming projects.

Krosgaard has revealed that KnapNok is working with NightSky creator Nifflas — real name Nicklas Nygren — on a new Wii U eShop project:

What we can say is that we are actually working together with a Swedish developer called Nifflas, who did NightSky for 3DS. He has been doing all of these amazing, moody platformers also just for PC. He is a brilliant game developer and he really wanted to make a game for the Wii U. He had this idea and so now we are working with him on realizing that basically. It is basically his game, so it is not a weird party game as we like to do and it is really a Nifflas game.

You will definitely like this one, but it is very early right now. We might be able to show screenshots in a few months towards the end of the year, but the launch might be in a year or something like that.

Sounds promising — and it's yet another Wii U eShop indie title to look forward to.