What do Pikmin have in common with a bag? Put them both over your face and you can’t see anything, yes, but they also tote things!

The Pikmin Tote Bag, now offered to North American Club Nintendo members for 400 coins, is a semi-meta treat in that regard. Made of space age cotton-poly blend, this canvas bag can carry up to 20 pounds (9 kg) and measures 15”x13”x6”. A lineup of Pikmin silhouettes is featured across the front above the mantra: “Pikmin tote, attack, multiply, become snacks.”

NOTE: Please allow ample airflow when using the Pikmin Tote Bag to tote actual Pikmin. Do not tote heavy objects such as cantaloupes or bowling balls along with actual Pikmin. Calling upon actual Pikmin to tote your Pikmin Tote Bag is acceptable but rather silly.

Do you want to pick up a tote bag of your own? Let us know below.

[source club.nintendo.com]