Metroid Enemies Within

If you're a fan of Metroid and have some spare cash lying around, you may be excited to know that a new Kickstarter project has been opened to fund Metroid: Enemies Within, a ten minute live-action fan film.

"Fan film" might be a slight understatement, as the project is being helmed by Christian Cardona, an Emmy nominated VFX supervisor whose television and film credits include the likes of Bones, Lost, 24 and Hollywood hits like Captain America and Black Swan. Credentials that don't seem too shabby.

The storyline of the proposed short sees Samus finding herself hostage aboard the alien ship of a rival bounty hunter, going by the name of Sylux. Samus learns of his plot to destroy the Federation whilst framing her in the process; therefore, the duty falls on our heroine to free herself from Sylux's clutches and save the Federation from the threat.

The Kickstarter runs until the 8th of September and completion of it's $90,000 USD goal will see the 10 minute flick come to life. If you're desperate to see the film come to fruition you can pledge, of course, and if you feel like donating the hefty sum of $10,000, you can claim your very own Power Suit. Great for all you cosplayers.