Project Aguraki One

EnjoyUp Games has been a prolific developer and publisher on Nintendo's portable download platforms, and also notably brought the long awaited La-Mulana to WiiWare in the West. The company announced earlier in the year that it was working on unannounced projects for Nintendo's current home console, and has now given us a glimpse of the first in line.

Currently codenamed Project Aguraki, EnjoyUp Games has told us that this shmup will be using the Unity graphics engine, which has been prominent in Nintendo's efforts to attract smaller developers. There are also two screenshots, above and below, alongside two very short videos showing the game in action.

A brief teaser then, but we'll follow up and try to learn more. To date only Nano Assault Neo has delivered a shmup experience, and that incorporated Shin'en Games' ground-based 3D environment concept. Project Aguraki looks like a more traditional side-scrolling experience at this early stage, so let us know what you think.

Project Aguraki