Those scores will not go unused

Cloudberry Kingdom precipitated into the Wii U eShop a few days ago and has seen many a gamer rack up insanely high scores. However, those who did download it have found something missing - the promised online leaderboards are nowhere to be found.

A few people got in touch with the developer Pwnee Studios about the issue directly on Twitter and thankfully the response confirmed the Wii U edition will be receiving a patch to install the leaderboards soon.

We're definitely going to be patching in online leaderboards soon. Better yet, all of your scores will auto-update to it!

It's good to know a patch is incoming and even better to find out all that effort reaching those high scores will not have been in vain.

Cloudberry Kingdom is unique in that it has an infinite number of levels to play through. The platformer was designed with a random level generator meaning no two attempts are the same.

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