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The UK software charts have had their weekly update, and it's a case of mixed news for Nintendo. The overwhelming positive is that Animal Crossing: New Leaf has moved up one position to third with no drop in sales from last week; it's showing impressive momentum.

There is disappointment from a Wii U perspective, however, with Pikmin 3 sales dipping, resulting in a drop from its debut position in second place to 15th this week, which seems like a sharp loss of momentum. New Super Luigi U, which did release as DLC first time around, has dropped away to 37th place.

There were some more positives for the 3DS, however, as Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. came in 11th place, showing decent momentum for a franchise that isn't typically a blockbuster at retailers. Elsewhere we have Luigi's Mansion 2 in 21st place, while LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins and Mario Kart 7 are in 28th and 31st places respectively.

The 3DS continues its decent momentum in the UK, but Pikmin 3's fall out of the top 10 in its second week reflects a smaller Wii U userbase and the fact that, perhaps, it's not shifting substantial numbers on its own. As more games release Nintendo will no doubt hope for a cumulative effect of multiple quality games on shelves driving hardware sales, but it's disappointing nevertheless.