Second screen to second class?

These days we're seeing more and more console games shipping alongside companion mobile or tablet applications which aim to broaden the experience. If Ubisoft has its way, that trend is not only set to continue, but will develop to the point where "second-screen" gaming is commonplace, allowing players on consoles and mobile devices to play the same game using different interfaces.

Speaking to GamesIndustry International, Ubisoft managing director Nicolas Rioux admitted that the process was kickstarted when the company worked on Assassin's Creed III for the Wii U:

The Wii U was kind of the pioneer of the connected tablet interface. This gave us some ideas for the first iteration of tablets connected with console games.

However, it would appear that while Nintendo's console has turned Ubisoft on to the idea of a second-screen interface, it might not necessarily be part of the company's long-term development plans.

Rioux again:

It's not confirmed yet, but if it's possible to do it and it makes sense, yes we will provide some kind of experience on the Wii U. Our focus is on the new generation of Microsoft and Sony consoles.

Ubisoft has already admitted that it is reviewing its support for the Wii U, but has so far been one of the system's most committed third-party publishers. Rioux's admission that the firm's focus has shifted to "new generation" consoles strikes us as ominous.

It would be painfully ironic if the Wii U missed out in this exciting new arena, given that it's the only home console which ships with a second screen out of the box. Do you think there's a danger of the console being left behind by developers, or is it perfectly positioned to take advantage of this revolution? Leave a comment to let us know.